DEEP WEB is returning to the iconic KRAFTWERK BERLIN in July 2019!

DEEP WEB is a monumental immersive audiovisual installation and live performance created by light artist Christopher Bauder and composer and musician Robert Henke. Presented in the spectacular industrial venue of the former power plant, DEEP WEB will plunge audiences into a mesmerizing experience of space and time.

Until now, DEEP WEB has only been shown to the public twice for a short time: as a five-day preview during CTM Festival 2016 at KRAFTWERK BERLIN and at Fête des Lumières in Lyon in December of the same year. In summer 2019, DEEP WEB will return to its iconic birthplace, where Berliners and city guests will have six weeks to take part in this breathtaking art experience.

For further updates and tickets, please visit:

DEEP WEB | EXHIBITION | 12.07. – 23.08.2019
DEEP WEB | LIVE Performance | 25.07.2019 | 19:00
DEEP WEB | LIVE Performance | 25.07.2019 | 21:30
DEEP WEB | LIVE Performance | 26.07.2019 | 20:00
DEEP WEB | LIVE Performance | 26.07.2019 | 22:30

Photos: Ralph Larmann


Christopher Bauder
Robert Henke
LaserAnimation SOLLINGER

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