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WHITEvoid realizes a timeline wall for the concentration camp memorial Flossenbuerg

WHITEvoid was commissioned to edit and animate 25 chronological movies from exisiting historical video and photo footage and program a synchronizing software. The 25 movies and 50 additional static images and texts are synchronized and animated accross 25 screens along a 18 meters wide timeline wall. The exhibit is part of the permanent exhibition of the museum.

Exhibition concept and interior architecture by Berton/Schwarz/Frey

timeline Project
Memorial Flossenbuerg
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WHITEvoid’s PrivaText is now in permanent exhibition at the Jewish Museum Berlin

The PrivaText installation is text projected onto „intelligent“ glass screens. It was developed together with media artist Arnold Dreyblatt for the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Text snippets from letters of concentration camp inmates and written orders from Nazi officers are displayed via synchronized text tickers projected onto „intelligent“ glass walls. The glass sheets can be switched from opaque to transparent to hide or reveal the visual content behind.

privaText Project
Jewish Museum Berlin
Categories: architecture & spaces, motion pictures

WHITEvoid shoots highres 360 degree movie for OTICON USA

WHITEvoid was commissioned by Oticon hearing aids USA to produce a new 360 degree movie for their trade show cinema. The production involved a 360 degree video shooting at Potsdamer Platz Berlin with a video resolution of 6000×800 pixels.

Oticon USA
360 Degree Project
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