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STALACTITE – Art Light Installation at Bright Brussels Festival 2018

STALACTITE is the monumental art light installation created by light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Boris Divider. The immense structure composed of 360 light fixtures resembles a inverted pyramid network. It floats in the space and invites spectators to free their minds and enter the meditative world of STALACTITE. The layers of light create pulsating light animations generating complex shapes and light patterns which are directly synchronized with the electronic score.

The structure oats above the public. It invites the spectators to enter the meditative audio-visual world. The visitors gather beneath STALACTITE and become part of the installation. The sequential, minimalist and progressive audio-visual journey that STALACTITE takes people on, runs continuously in a loop so each visitor can enter or exit at any time.

Produced by: WHITEvoid / TETRO + A
Supported by: KINETIC LIGHTS

Photo by Ralph Larmann

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